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Richard the iii

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Richard the iii

Richard the III

In the play, Richard the III, by William Shakespeare, the character Richard (Duke of Gloucester) is a very manipulative and deceiving person. Richard acts like this in order to fulfill his dream to become King. And since he is at the bottom of a long, long list to be King, he has a lot of people to deceive. But when he does manipulate people, such as his brothers, Lady Anne, and Buckingham, he does without mercy and conscience.

Richard's brothers are one of the first people to be manipulated and he does it by making them think that one is trying to kill the other. From Richard's opening soliloquy from the beginning of the play he tells us:

And if King Edward be as true and just

As I am subtle, false and treacherous,

This day should Clarence closely be mew'd up,

About a prophecy, which says that 'G'

Of Edward's heirs the murderer shall be.(I,I, )

And this is where King Edward the IV comes up with the assumption that their brother(George Duke Of Clarence) is going to murder him. So King Edward locks George up in the tower after Richard tells him about his false dream. Then Richard works his deceiving mind on George saying, ?And whatsoever you will employ me in,/Were it to call King Edward's widow sister,/ I will perform it to enfranchise you.? (I,I, ) And what Richard is saying if you want I will kill the King for you so that you can get revenge for this terrible act committed against you. And just like that the two brothers already hate each other.

Richard is a very smart and deceptive man. But the real question should be whether he has the intelligence to win the love an affection of a women who has lost her father and husband to the hands of Richard. The funny thing is that Richard does accomplish this feat. Lady Anne, when we meet her in the beginning of Act ...

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