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Rethinking Orphanges

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Rethinking Orphanges

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Gina Magnanti Economics Edited by Richard B. McKenzie Reviewed by Jim Powell Nowadays, it is considered acceptable to send a young person from a supportive, wealthy family away to a residential boarding school. At the same time it is considered destructive to send a young person from an unsafe, unhealthy home to a nurturing, educational, residential setting. As a result of old orphanage stereotypes in the past, many residential education programs have shut down during the past four or five decades. Most of these stereotypes weren't helped by such examples as shown in Charles Dickens's novel Oliver Twist. Major newsmagazines supported these popular stereotypes with turn-of-the-century pictures of pathetic orphanage residents on their covers. The debate lasted only a few months. The critics claimed victory once again, and nothing was done. The government has failed at taking care of children who find themselves unwanted because their parents have given them up or died. There are now few education-focused, residential settings available for young people, especially adolescents, who don't have homes that can support them nor schools that can effectively teach them. However, there are tens of thousands of children who could benefit from such care. Unwanted children are condemned to constant dependency on individuals who are more concerned with their perks and privileges than with children. The government rewards those who carry out its programs for the number of children they take in, but it doesn't evaluate the quality of care. Children are moved from one program to another ...

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