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Report on historical fiction b

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Report on historical fiction b

Bantam Books published the book, Beyond the Sea of Ice, by William Sarabande, in December of 1987. This novel of historical fiction is 370 pages of a compelling story of a small band of humans surviving during the Ice Age over 20,000 years ago. I believe the author purposed to teach how the people of this age lived, and as such researched many hours with the help of various museums and archeologists. The story seems to be teaching of the value of life, for the other bands sacrifice human children to please their gods; yet the idea the main character, Torka, has of not wasting life is looked upon as evil, and his group is driven from all other people for their values. This immersive novel shows the daily and overall life of early man better than any text I have ever seen. In my eyes the author completed their purpose superbly. The daily life of the characters is described so well that it would be possible to reconstruct exactly what they did, and the author did this in such a way that the book is never boring and I was never compelled to skip parts. An example of the amazing description is on page 70, where Torka and his family, Lonit, Umak, and Karana, build a pit hut in the snow with mammoth bones and animal skins. The many hunts the characters go out on are shown in great detail, as in the first hunt when the hunters prepare by clothing themselves in caribou hide and antlers, soak their skin in caribou juice from the hides, and stalk the prey across miles of barren terrain in the Times Without Light (when the sun would not show for almost six months). The social structure of the bands is described in detail throughout the book, from Galeena's filthy, crude ...

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