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Religion In Japan

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is a complicated subject. While the norms and values of Japanese culture are very closely linked to religion, few consider themselves religious. This however, does not mean that the Japanese culture is full of deviant behavior. In fact most people conform to those religion related norms and values.
There are many different religions that find a home in the archipelago of Japan. Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Christianity. Christianity however, is a bit scarce in Japan. Less than two percent follow the teachings of Jesus. None of these religions play a major role in the everyday life of a typical Japanese citizen. Instead, they practice a 'Folk Religion', one that fuses elements of Shinto, Buddhism, Christianity, and Taoism. This 'Folk Religion' is what influences Japanese holidays, weddings and funerals. The religion of Japan is a mosaic of religions, some are foreign, others are they're own . Then they are all assimilated into the same, making it uniquely Japanese.
Of all the religions in Japan, Shintoism is the oldest. Shintoism is a religion that worships nature. A Shintoist believes that kami , deities that reside in all natural objects, are forces of nature and are to be worshipped in Shinto shrines, where worshippers ask for blessings. Today in modern Japan, no one really believes in Shintoism, but the effects are present. Love of nature is present everywhere in Japanese culture. Architecture, art, landscaping, and poetry all express nature themes.
Buddhism originated in India and was spread into Japan by the Chinese in the sixth century ...

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