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Refuge Camps

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Refuge Camps

'Refuge Camps'

There is a foreboding and ongoing crisis facing several third world countries today. This crisis is the rising amount of famine and health ailments that affect hundreds of thousands of individuals that face malnutrition, poverty, and several other serious problems that you will find in developing countries. Countless diseases plague today's world and the people who are most vulnerable to these diseases are also the ones that need the most help. Despite the lack of funds and limited aid available to these people, there is hope. A group by the name of Doctors Without Borders is a non-profit organization that provides free health care in Refugee camps to the great amount of need and helpless individuals that populate our world.

Doctors Without Borders (DWB) is comprised of fully qualified and credentialed medical doctors from around the world. They travel internationally educating broad audiences by offering seminars and lectures based on their goal and purpose. The organization is also composed of 2,000 volunteers who are enrolled and sent out annually throughout the world. The organization\\'s main goal is to aid the several million refugees that reside in numerous developing countries. These refugees flee from their countries due to natural disasters, extreme poverty and persecution that infects their home countries. DWB helps these individuals by setting up camps and shelters where they can seek refuge.

The camps that DWB setup provide everything needed for survival. They provide clean water and healthy food for all the refugees. Since water and food is limited at the camps, refugees are only provided with minimal supplies for survival. There is a medical station, where they provide all the necessary vaccines and treatments for most illnesses and diseases. The refugees are given identification cards, which they need to show in order ...

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