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Imagine you are in your room and it's about 1:00 in the morning. It's pitch black outside and you?ve been lost for hours. There's nothing good on the radio. You?re dying of thirst and you?re drenched with sweat. You?re just about to turn around and open your window for some fresh air and you hear it. The bass is in sync with your heartbeat and the lights are flashing everywhere. So you follow this music and you arrive at your destination: A rave. It is the vibe that is so commonly talked about within this culture.

The dictionary defines ?Rave? as: to utter in madness or frenzy; to say wildly; to rave nonsense, which makes you wonder why raves were ever called raves to begin with. Raves consist of about 300-6,000 kids aged to about 17-25. A big empty wear house, lights, a fog machine and a DJ. Every single rave has 1 type of music: techno with a lot of base. It's electronically created with a very fast-pace. Techno music has its origins in gay dance clubs. Hip-hop also has had a big impact on techno music. Rave dancing ranges from being highly choreographed and stylistic all the way to thrusting your body back and forth. Ravers say they lose themselves to the beat and become one with the music by letting the music control their movements. Someone once said: Techno was made not only to be played, but to be listened to loud?we are called not to listen, but to feel.

How do you know when the rave is and where? Well flyers are put up. A flyer isn't going to straight out say ?RAVE!? you have to look for the secret messages only Ravers know. They do this to avoid the mainstream. A rave poster can be spotted by noticing that within the words that are on the poster, every E, X, and K, are capitalized. There are certain colors that the flyers will have on them. A lot of times there will be a cartoon character on it, or smiley faces and aliens. Now, I could do a whole paper on fashion.

There are four classes of people grouped by what they wear not how much money you have or what kind of car you drive. The most common class is the ?Candy Ravers? they are always female and have short hair that's usually in barrettes or pigtails. They?re also usually carrying around stuffed animals, or sucking on lollipops or pacifiers. They wear glitter all over their bodies and stickers on each cheek. They'll sport a shirt with childhood heroes such as my little pony, care bears, strawberry shortcake etc. The next class knows as the Hip-Hop Boys are usually pared up w/ Candy Ravers. Hip Hop boys are in fat pants and head to toe Adidas Logos. Occasionally you will see them wearing bug eyed glasses with suspenders. The 3rd of many rave classes is the Gwen Stefani class. They are always girls and are wearing crop tops or anything that will bare their belly. They wear track pants, or swish pants and are sporting every piercing known to man and more. Gwen Stefani's match is the Club Ravers. These males dress in wife beaters; tube socks up to their knees, and very roomy cargo or army pants. They will have a tight shirt or no shirt and every club Ravers? boxers WILL always be exposed. They will have spiky hair usually with frosted tips and they wear either a visor, or no hat at all. Regardless of these 4 classes (out of many) the rave scene will include snow hats; electronic colored wigs, 5-inch platforms and everyone will have glow sticks in their mouths. The main thing to remember when you dress for a rave is; Are you comfortable? This is the way I dress to go out. The sneakers, baggy pants to be sure that I can move my legs correctly to the beat. In my opinion the less you where up top the better off you are because once you get started you can ...

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