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Rasputin and His Influence On

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Rasputin and His Influence On

Because of Rasputin's healing abilities Alexandra became very dependant on him, and ignored his evil ways. Rasputin supposedly had "healing powers"that he used to heal people in strange and unique ways. One thing that the tsarina Alexandra and the rest of the royal did not notice or ignored, was the fact that Rasputin had an evil side to him. Rasputin definitely had a rise to power he went from a Siberian peasant, to a monk, then to eventually become a confidant to the Tsarina Alexandra. Rasputin did indeed become one of the most influential men in Russia of his time.

Rasputin used his "healing abilities" in very unusual ways. He did not have to be in the vicinity to heal the person that had the problem.He could heal the sick on the phone, by telegraph, through writing, or in person. It really did not make too much of a difference.He helped any and every one that needed his help.The way that he "cured' people required no actual examination. He would simply go up to them, talk and just by talking to them, they would get their health back, they would get better.

Not only did he have healing abilities he also had precognition and clairvoyance, this would enable him to see into the future. He would be able to predict what will happen to you.Rasputin used some of the techniques which are mentioned earlier, to heal Alexandra's son Aleksey. Aleksey was a Hemophilic child and when ever he would have a bleeding attack and the doctors said that nothing could be done, the royal family would call upon the expertise of Rasputin for his help. The strange thing was that every time that Aleksey was ill and Rasputin said that he would not die and that he would get better, he was right and Aleksey would indeed get better. Rasputin "healing powers" had a tremendous impact on young Alekseys life and also on the length of his life, which later was the reason that Rasputin became such an influential force.

The entire royal family was too blinded by his ability to heal their son to see that he had an evil side. Rasputin was part of a religious sect known as the Khlisti sect, they believed that all of man's desires should be fulfilled. They held orgies to make sure that their desires would be fulfilled.Rasputin also held many of his own orgies in his own basement of his house.As he became more and more influential and famous he began attracting more and more women around him."Rasputin was also selfish, greedy,and dissolute".When he had the Tsar and Tsarina fooled into thinking he was helping their son, he was actually trying to gain a political advantage so he could later rise to power.

Rasputin would do anything in his power to keep Alexandra fooled so he could continue to gain leverage in Russia's government, without the Royal family finding out.If that meant he had to keep on healing Aleksey then he would do that. Or if that meant that he had to continue having massive orgies to get in the public's eye then he would. And if he needed to keep the Tsarina on his side so she could keep on protecting him, and keep thinking that he could not possibly do anything evil then he would do that.

Rasputin definitely rose to power, but what techniques did he use? As it was stated earlier he would do anything in his will, if that meant he would be more powerful. Sometimes he would even tell people that he felt the will of God seeping into him, and those people actually believed it. Another technique used by Rasputin was definitely his use of his "healing abilities." The was his most important and successful technique. "...

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