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Rainforest Proposal

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Rainforest Proposal

Dear Brazilian Government,

I recently attended a fascinating conference on resource use

in the rainforest. I felt like I had to write this letter. I believe I

have a way to solve the rainforest problems. We all just have to

work together.

Okay, first of all the government leaders already gave the

rubber tappers and Native Amazonians land reserves. Which

gave the government more land the long lost native

amazonians. But the Rubber Tappers and the Native

Amazonians fell they have always been the first to be in the

rainforest and should get most and but all the land. And the

government feels they need to share. That is this whole delima.

Okay, I think that they should make the land deal towards the

Native Amazonians and the Rubber tappers. I think this only

because of the time they have survived on the rainforest

resources. I have nothing against the Government, Ranchers,

Settlers, ect.

I will let the native amazonians and the rubber tappers get the

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