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Raid Is Not As Good As It Used To Be

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Whenever you are walking around your house on a summer night, have you ever seen a cockroach? Of course, mostly everybody has. What is your first reaction? Some people would probably run screaming, twitch, and shake. There is even some people brave enough to reenact the mexican stomp trying to kill everyone sight. Usually mom or dad runs to get the Raid or any other roach killing spray. Then you look for the target aim and fire. Presto you have killed the cockroach. Even at restaurants you expect to receive good, clean, quality food. Nevertheless, cockroaches infest most of all restaurants in your city. So, if a cockroach even stuck it head out of your chicken sandwich. People react by gagging out their food or getting every upset and a lawsuit can happen.
When you kill a cockroach, you only killed one or two of a thriving community of roaches. So when you are walking down the same path the next night. More than likely you will see another cockroach running across your feet. So roaches posses a problem they carry diseases and get into our food supply, which is not sanatary. So what do you do now?
Bottom line cockroaches are pests. Take some careful considerations when dealing with cockroaches. Here are a few facts and solutions. That might help your situation.
1. Wherever man can survive so can cockroaches. Cockroaches are born scavengers.
2. Indoor cockroaches are very fond of starchy materials. Such as cereals, sugar, and meat products. Some which are cheese, beer, leather, hair, wallpaper, artwork, postage stamps, draperies, paper money, books, and bookbindings?
3. The worldwide estimate of the number of cockroaches is given as 3,500 species, but that number is likely far greater.
4. German ...

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