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Radical Feminism Inhibits The Liberation Of Women

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Since I was a really young child I was told that I could do anything that a boy could do. This chorus still rings loud in my ears today. This is the way many women are raised today. They are raised to be leaders and followers just like the other gender. The radical feminist, however, has one main mission in the world today to irradiate the male gender. This causes a problem because sometimes the line between feminist and radical feminist can be very gray. Unlike Adriennne Rich I see the radical feminist as destructive storm that only causes the traditional feminist to rebuild after a radical feminist has swept over. Meaning that the regular feminist can be falsely accused as a very unpopular person in the male community. This growing form of labeling shows that radical feminist inhibits the one thing that the regular feminist have been striving for the past hundred years, the liberation of women.
The increasing tendency of women in the workplace has given arise to a new feminist. This feminist sees the male gender as a different species and mainly the enemy. As always these women give the regular feminist a bad name. If you walked into a mostly male room and said feminist the initial word would be lesbian. These stereotypes are always breaking down what the traditional feminist is trying to build. The traditional feminist wants one simple thing, equality. The radical feminist also wants one simple thing, complete power. A easy way of making one's case is undermining the other's character. I believe that men and women are generally the same in ideas. Adrienne Rich disagrees with me she thinks that 'Men in general think badly: in the disjunctive from their personal lives, claiming objectivity where the most irrational passions seethe'.( p.509) This insulting causes a rift between the sexes and all feminist are blamed as the culprit.
Radical feminist do not socialize with the opposite sex normally. When they do a battle between two egos usually erupts. When the battle is over neither party is destroyed. The victim in this battle is not even there she is ...

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