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What is ? Who gets ? is a viral disease of humans
and other mammals. It is most common in carnivores. The word comes from
the word "hydrophobia", fear of water. is a potentially deadly disease.
There are many things you can do to prevent yourself from meeting
rabies. The most important thing to do, is to be certain your pets have updated
vaccinations. Your pets can first get their vaccinations when they are three
months old. After that booster vaccinations must be given every one to three
years according to your state and city laws. It also depends on the type of
Most people associate rabies with dogs, cats, raccoons, skunks, wolves,
etc. The most common animals to have rabies are dogs, cats, and raccoons.
Rabies cases in cats have outnumbered all other domestic animals every year
since 1988. There was fifty-three percents increase in cat rabies between 1991-
1992. Most of the cases with cats have been unvaccinated strays.
Even if your pets do not go outside, they should still be vaccinated.
You cannot tell if you pet will accidentally get out or an infected animal will
get in. Avoid close contact with any wild animal. Never feed, handle, pet, or
take any wild animals in. Rabid animals will usually act in an abnormal way,
have a foamy saliva around the mouth, and show a loss of hair or fur. If the
animal is nocturnal, it may be out during the day. Rabid animals are usually
very outgoing and aggressive.
To keep wildlife away from your home avoid leaving pet food outside, and
keep the lids on trash cans secure, or store them inside a garage or shed. You
can prevent wildlife from your entering you home by sealing holes and screening
chimneys. If a wild animal does get in, do not touch it. Call your local
animal-control officer or humane society and let them remove it.
The ...

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