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Queen Mab's Speech

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I see that Queen Mab has been with you. She is the faries midwife, and
her body is no bigger than agate stone that is on index finger of a alderman.
She is drawn from a team of small atomies over mens noses as they sleep. Her
spokes are made of long spider legs, the cover is made from the wing of a
grasshopper and her traces is the smallest of spider webs. Her collar is made
of watery moonbeams, her whip is a cricket bone and her lash is made of a light
film. Her driver is a small grey coated gnat, not half as big as a little round
worm. That has been picked off the fingers of a virgin. Her Chariot is a empty
hazel nut, made by the joiner squirell, they have been the coach makers for the

She goes through ...

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