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Providing Jobs For The Disabled

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is something that can really be helpful to everyone. Instead of having many handicapped people unemployed, giving them a job is a chance for them to benefit as well as the employer. Whether they are a little slow mentally, physically or whatever the problem being, that isn't a reason for them to be excluded from working. Woolworth is hiring handicapped workers and they're trying to influence other businesses to step up and do the same. This will benefit everybody and gives Woolworth the recognition it deserves.
Disabled or not, they can still be productive in the workplace. Because of limited abilities there will be jobs that they can't perform that most people can. However a good portion of the jobs out there require a limited amount of skill. Since Wollworth Corporation operates nearly ten thousand merchandise and specialty stores
You can just imagine how many handicapped workers they employed. Weather it's mental retardation or a strong injury, these problems in many cases will not hold back job productivity. Also remember that having a job, regardless of what it is, may often times be more valuable to the disabled, who may have had a hard time getting a job in the past. The satisfaction of having that job may be a motivating factor, and having motivated employees are what its all about. Another factor is they will be less likely to leave for another job (since it would be very difficult for them to find another one).
Woolworth's hiring of these individuals not only help the workplace but also provides a paycheck for an overlooked part of the population and this means less tax dollars for government aide of the unemployed. Woolworth is surely a business that deserves its recognition for employing these people, which is another strong point. The public will think highly of the people that work at Woolworth and its good to have your customers appreciate the workers and vise versa.
Why would Woolworth encourage other businesses to hire disabled just as they do? Those other businesses may very well be big competing businesses. Never the less there is still plenty of ways Woolworth can benefit from it. Since they are encouraging others they look like a leader, or the superior Corporation that others follow. Those that follow will surely benefit from using the same idea, but still won't get the recognition received ...

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