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Chapter 5 - Discussion Questions:


* How do proteins differ from carbohydrates and fats in regard to their molecular structure? (pp. 130-132)

The Proteins have Nitrogen.

* Discuss the various roles of proteins in the body. How does each of these roles apply to training, recovery, and/or sport performance? (pp. 134-135)

Proteins rebuild torn down muscle bigger than before the exercise, and in extreme cases can be used as an energy source but that is not preferred.

* How would the nitrogen balance of an athlete be determined? Once determined, what does nitrogen balance indicate? (pp. 135-136)

A urinary urea nitrogen test can tell you how much input and output you have. The balance is the difference between the two. It indicates how much nitrogen you have in your system.

* What are "complete proteins," and what food sources provide them? What are the ramifications of eating foods that do not provide complete sources of protein? (pp. 132-134)

Meats, fish, and yogurt are good sources, but if you eat veggies, you won't get the complete proteins, they don't have the essentials

* What are "incomplete proteins," and what food sources provide them? Give several examples of complementary incomplete protein sources that provide all essential amino acids. (pp. 132-134)

If you ate a mix of veggies and then had peanut butter or yogurt you might pick up all the ...

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