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Professional Wrestling

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Professional Wrestling

Current Issues

Professional Wrestling

When some people hear the word wrestling they think of '2 points takedown' or

headgear and singlets. But most people think of the WWF, WCW, NWO, and the

WolfPac. They think of names such as Hollywood Hogan, Sting, Stone Cold, Diamond

Dallas Page, and Golberg. If you have been alive in today's TV culture, you have

undoubtedly heard these names.

Although professional wrestling has been enjoying newfound success lately, it is

not a new sport by any means. Professional Wrestling has been around since the 1800's

but it was mainly confined to barns and other small areas with people betting on the

winner. These were often bloody and dangerous fights. Dangerous for the wrestlers as

well as the audience as sometimes the fight would spill out into the crowd.

Professional Wrestling became more of a spectator sport in the early to mid

1900's, but it resembled very little of what we think of Professional Wrestling today.

Today, as opposed to old-time wrestling, it is just a spectator event with people cheering

for a 'hero' against a 'vilian'. Most all matches are set up in a way that there is always

one crowd favorite, and one that the crowd hates.

Today Professional Wrestling is no longer a sport but a entertainment industry.

The fights are rigged, the wrestling is fake, and the only thing real about wrestling is the

money. Millions of dollars are generated by professional wrestling. TV contracts,

t-shirts, posters, Video games, movies. These all generate enough money and interest to

make professional wrestling the most watched entertainment event today. One of the

reasons that wrestling has become such a powerful force in entertainment is that it has all

the action of a Jackie Chan movie, all the drama of ER and all of the 'eye-candy' of


I am going to tell you some of todays biggest stars and give you a little

background on them.

One of the most entertaining people in professional wrestling is current world

champion Goldberg. Goldberg grew up as a doctors son in Oklahoma with his two

brothers. Goldberg was even an imposing future at a young age as he was a bouncer in a

bar at age 17. He went on to play college football at SEC power Georgia. As a Georgia

Bulldog, Goldberg earned all-confernce honors as a nose-guard and was drafted by the

Atlanta Falcons and eventually ended his career as a LA Ram. Goldberg was not done

bashing skulls after he hurt his knee though. He shaved his head and got a tattoo and

followed many former football players into Pro wrestling. He has enjoyed a career that

has seen him ...

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