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Presidential Debate `96

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In the 1996 presidential debate, there were many controversial points
brought up and discussed by the candidates. There were opportunities to
turn the debate into a verbal cock fight, but the President was a model of
restraint and Senator Dole simply did not choose to aggravate the president
to an extreme. When Senator Dole referred to the `92 debate and how the
President referred to Bush as Mr. Bush, not Mr. President, and how he
himself would address Clinton as Mr. President, it was evident that Dole
was going to debate to make Clinton mad enough to make a mistake. Senator
Dole was apparently trying to bring out the beast in Clinton, but he kept
cool, while Clinton himself made no offensive remarks to Dole.
The questions asked brought about straight answers in the beginning,
but towards the end, the candidates were repeating themselves because the
questions began to lose focus and seemed to overlap enough to cause an
answer similar to if not the same as an earlier one. I do admit, though,
that ...

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