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Preserving Our Earth

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Science & Nature

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America's endangered areas are deplinishing daily. Natural disasters
are a major factor in their disappearance, but the most prominent factor is
mankind. Even though procedures are conducted daily to preserve our home, these
areas slowly crumble within our grasps. Protection of these areas is essential,
as our whole race depends upon resources derived from these lands.
From the lush greenery to the sparkling blue waters, all is majestic in
its fullest. This is why I believe almost all of these wonderful places should
be preserved. Mankind has come too far to throw it all away for his greedy
purposes. Many believe that our secluded wildlife areas should be available for
the public. But what is to be offered through this? Many recreational
activities I presume, but what about our biggest environmental concern -
Pollution is so widespread throughout our world that it is overwhelming.
Drinking water supplies are contaminated with runoff from nearby factories and
even with pollutants from our own backyards. Demands ...

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