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Poverty And Welfare

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Today it seems as if everyone has a theory about fighting poverty, now
it is not necessary to be moving in the theoretical plane. Our country has had
successful anti-poverty programs that were effective back a century ago,
effective because they were based on these seven points: affiliation, bonding,
categorization, discernment, employment, freedom, and God. But a key element in
all of them is personal involvement and challenge, both material and spiritual.
If folks a hundred years ago could help others to move out of poverty,
and then turn their attention to the next group of immigrants and impoverished,
why can't we? Did they have more time than we do? No, even though we feel
stressed, their work days on the average were longer. Did they have more money?
No, we are far more affluent as a society now. Did they have more space in their
homes, so they could take in another person and we cannot? No, on the average
our houses are far larger. Did they have less of a drug and alcohol problem?
Probably not. They did have fewer single-parenting situations - there was less
illegitimacy and divorce then - but life expectancy was lower, so there were
lots of orphans and half-orphans. ...

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