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Popularity Of Fast Food

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In this era of globalization, the consumption and popularity of fast foods is reaching new heights across the globe. Today, many people, particularly the young people, prefer to eat fast foods while avoid freshly prepared healthy food. The food chains like Mc-donalds, KFC, Burger-King, etc are getting increasingly popular in each and every part of the world. There are several reasons behind this, such as, fast food is easy to prepare, relatively cheaper and due to increasing advertisement campaigns of fast food companies.
The first and immediate reason behind the popularity of fast foods is the change in the life-styles of the people. In recent times, each and every member of the family goes out for work long hours so they hardly have any spare time left for cooking fresh and nutritious food. Even who stay at home, do not prefer to waste their to waste their time in kitchens cooking fresh vegetables due to laziness. While, fast foods are easy to prepare and also consumes less amount of time. Now-a-days even ready-to-use packets of fast foods are available in the markets so you can microwave such instant ...

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