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Pollution And The Environment

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Have you ever turned on the television and saw an oil spill or gotten really excited to go to the beach only to see contamination signs everywhere? Pollution may be destroying the ocean before the ocean's resources will fully be used. For years, all kinds of garbage and toxic waste have been disposed into the ocean, thinking that the ocean is large enough to absorb it and not be affected by it. But now the widespread effects are known. The government needs to spend some taxpayer money on helping the conditions of these beaches because in time there will not be that many more beaches.
Pollution in the water is a very harmful tradition that people continue to do because it is putting a lot of sea life creatures in danger of being killed. Extinction is far too common these days for a lot of animals. Today, we have about half of the animals we did a long time ago. A big reason is due to pollution. These animals' homes are taken away because of the trash content everywhere. It is not fair to these animals whose food and shelter always gets contaminated. When these animals get killed, it breaks a part of the food chain. If an animal is taken out of the chain, the other animals that eat that one will go hungry, therefore killing them off too. Contaminated food has already happened to the food humans eat. For example, the Mad Cow Disease. This disease slowed the beef market down and it is easily happening in the other ocean creatures market. Humans have no right to kill what is not theirs, unless it is for food purpose only. Most humans do not realize that polluting the ocean kills animals, but the truth is, it does.
Not only are animals at a risk, humans are too because of the unstable cliffs along the coastline. These cliffs are very unsturdy and have already claimed the life of one woman who was sitting below. These cliffs have been falling for years, but only recently presented a severe risk. The woman was killed because of the negligence of the cliffs. No one seemed to think anything that bad was capable of happening. Taxpayer's homes are also threatened along this ...

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