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Police Pursuits

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Police Pursuits

Police pursuits are one of the biggest questions facing police departments today. Some people feel that police should not engage in pursuits at all. On the other hand, some feel that this power should not be taken away. A police pursuit is the act of chasing after a fleeing motorist. This act could be rewarded by apprehending the motorist or can have serious consequences. The question remains should police have this power.
Police officers should have the right and authority to engage in pursuits. Not all pursuits should be continued or even started. First, there must be policies and procedures regarding pursuits. Secondly, supervisors should know when to call one off. Finally, there must be constant training of officers in this field, to keep their skills sharp. If all of these conditions are met, this should reduce the risk of innocent bystander injuries and fatalities by police pursuits.
Policies and polices are need regarding police pursuits. These polices should map out when to engage in a pursuit and when a pursuit should be called off. Baltimore County Maryland has a matrix that clearly shows to officers when a pursuit is need or when is should be ended. This matrix combines the serious of the crime the offender has committed with the risk factors at the time the potential pursuit could begin. If the risks are too high then the pursuit never happens. This policy has been very effective in aiding the police officers in this gray area concerning this issue.
Policy and procedures must be air tight with no loopholes. The policy must clearly state what the role of the police officer is regarding pursuits. A chief must make it very clear that any attempt to violate the policy ...

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