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Peter and the Starcatcher Relection

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Critical Approaches to Children's Literature
Peter and the Starcatcher Reflection
10 April 2017

Going into this event, I did not know what to expect. While I knew that it had something to do with Peter Pan and I was familiar with that story from previous classes, I did know how it would relate. Even throughout the majority of the play, I struggled to see the connection, until I became aware that it was a prequel to the original Peter Pan story. I began to notice that particular characters from the play were very similar to characters in Peter Pan though were not explicitly called the names of their original characters. Peter Pan was original an orphan boy with no name and the story in the play reveals out Peter Pan becomes his name. I was very unaware that the pirate captain in the story, Black Stache, was in fact Captain Hook in his younger years. I started to realize this halfway through and then my suspicions were confirmed when his arm gets cut off (comically by getting it closed in a treasure chest). It really became clear for ...

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