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Personal Writing: My Unforgettable Experience With Drugs

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It was going to be different this year. I was sick of the good girl image and I wanted to change. We all wanted to change. We wanted to do something spontaneous to start our sophomore year off with a bang. It was time to have a some fun and make our lives interesting. So what could make life more interesting than drugs, right? We had a half day coming up and this was our chance to live a little. We decided to get some LSD and try tripping for the first time. We had gotten it from a guy we knew in the drug scene. This guy was a real rebel. He was tall, skinny, he had a pierced eyebrow and long blond hair. I had a crush on him since the first time I saw him my freshman year.
Finally, the day had come. We were full of nervous energy and wondered if we should really go through with it. We met at the lockers to drop our hits of acid. We left school grounds and my girlfriends went to Taco Bell for lunch and my crush and I walked to the field by my house.
We just laid in the grass for a while and talked. Then I started to feel very strange. I told my friend I couldn't breathe and he said I should calm down or I would scare myself. I was beginning to hallucinate, the grass started to dance and turn shades of purple. It was a strange feeling, like we were the only two people on earth, everything else seemed to have disappeared. I was beginning to get very paranoid, which is not good when you are doing acid. My friend thought we should go to my house because I was scared. He decided to go home because he did not want to be around when my mom got home, he was feeling a bit strange himself. I walked with him a few blocks and he told me to be careful and to stay calm.
I began to run home so I could beat my mom, who was due from work any minute. I started to hear sounds like chimes fading in and out of my head. I ran past the people on my street, it felt like they were all staring at me and that they knew I was on drugs. I was so scared.
As soon as I walked in the door my brother knew something wasn't right. I went to the bathroom to calm myself down but I flipped out instead. I remember thrashing about and screaming. They said I was screaming so loud that the neighbors could hear me. By this time my mom was home and was wondering what ...

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