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Personal Writing: My Room

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Aside from the normal bed, closet, cabinets, computer, and obvious
Mickey Mouse and Nick Van Exel posters; my room is a world of its own.
When one walks into my room, I would image that s/he would describe it as
messy and cluttered. As, if one walked into my mind, they would think I
was merely crazy. My mind and room are both dirty and chaotic to ones eye,
but when I look at them, I see adventure, uniqueness, originality and
Just as my room is filled with papers, books, and other
miscellaneous objects, my mind is filled with friends, schoolwork, and
family. Each of these categories falls into different groups. The mind
categories fall into their own groups, and the room bunches fall into the
mind groups. For instance, I have school friends, and out of school
friends. There are also school papers, and note and letters from your
friends. This is because my mind makes my room.
Even though my walls cannot speak, if they were able to, they would
tell you many secrets and important event that ...

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