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Personal Writing: Living In Both Texas And New York City

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Creative Writing

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Where a person was born or raised often plays an important role in their
There are often comparisons between a urban civilization to rural
civilization. Humans adopt to different environments that would be the most
suitable for their style of living. Society as a whole didn't tell us where
civilization should take place. Choosing the right place for a living depends
on the matters of self preference and comfort. Throughout the last decade, I
was brought up in two different cities that are thousands of miles apart - - New
York City and Houston. The two cities are ranked among the top ten in state /
city population, yet there are structures and mainframes which we can soon
identify or relate with. Although it's located in different regions, it was
beneficial to experience and to taste the variety in culture, way of life, and
the school system.

I was raised in the central Manhattan of the Big Apple, the city that
never sleeps. Mass transit and people had always flooded the streets and
intersections. It seemed like everyone were heading for different directions
and the citizens of New York City are too busy with their own affairs and does
have time to care of what's going on in their surroundings. The citizens of New
York City would care less about the traffic safety and reading the traffic signs.
The smell of the city reminds me of the honey roasted peanut stands, a sweet
scent of aroma that would often fill up the neighborhood. When I close my eyes
and think deeply about NYC, there has been a chime in my head of the messengers
blowing their whistles to fight in the traffic while slicing left and right to
get to their destination. New York City taxi drivers are the "killers" of the
rush hour. Taxi drivers within the city are not afraid to use their horn. I
must give a great deal of respect to the New York City taxi drivers because they
are hard working citizens whom knows what they're doing on the road and they are
always providing the fasted delivery from one place to another. Above all, I
attended private schools in near the Greenwich Village area of New York City.
It's a small area called SOHO, similar to the street of New Orleans. I attended
two different catholic schools within five years span. Because most public
schools in NYC lacked the reputation in academic wise, my parents had to provide
$800 per month tuition for both my little brother and I. Even though religious
private-schools have the reputation of developing good students and teaching the
morals, the academic system had often been short behind compare to the public
schools. People who transfer to private schools often claimed that they had the
text done the material that's been provided a year before.

During the courses of my 7th grade in grammar school. I was informed
that we would move to Texas. For some bizarre reason, the people up north have
always pictured the cowboys and horses in Texas. I was really upset for leaving
my friends and all the fond memories behind. I am a person who is willing to
accept the alternatives and to learn different cultures in life. I think life<...

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