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Personal Writing: Getting Out

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Moving to Ankeny proved to be more difficult that I first expected.
I had been looking forward to moving out of the house for over four years,
and wxpected it to be easy and fun. Moving turned out to be neither easy
nor very fun, as I had hoped it would be.
I took us four trips to Ankeny just to get our apartment. First,
we had to look at different apartments. Then we had to sign a few papers
and leave a deposit. Belmont Apartments decided to change the way it filed
information. So, we had to go back again to sign a bunch of papers, bring
a money order for the first month's rent, rip up the old deposit check, and
pay a highter deposit. The apartment manager showed us the apartment, and
then we left. Our apartment manager decided to move us to the third floor.
So, we had to approve the apartment and tell her what we wanted fixed. At
last, we had our apartment.
Finally, it was August and it was time to move. Our original plan
was to move everything at once with friends and family, but August became
very bust. One week I went on vacation to Chicago. Then I had to go
fishing for four days with my family. Another weekend I went ot a friend's
house, who I met at Boy's State, to see a rodeo. My roommate, Nathan, had
a wedding ot attend. Nathan worked from eight'o clock untill five thirty
as a hired hand. I worked a virity of hours at the Dariy Queen usually
over lunch and supper, which is when Nathan did not work. By the time we
finished playing the messages game, we dicided to take our things to the
apartment when we had time to go to Ankeny.
Nathan and I had to by at DMACC on the same day for a financial aid
seminar. So, we planned to help each other take the thins up to the
apartment. Lucky for me he had already taken all of his heavy furniture on
a previous visit. I had a hide-a-bed couch, a love seat, a desk, and other
smallitems to take up to the apartment. I arrived at the apartment before
he did, and my parents and I got the desk, love seat, and other small ...

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