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Personal Writing: A Beck Concert

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Usually, when you know something is going to be a big success, you
go for it, try your best. Not this time. At a Beck concert, everything was
a big mess! It was a concert that was filled, almost all the tickets were
sold. For what-ever reason that the band had, it was a really big "screw
up". The problem wasn't the singing, or music playing, it was the childish
Out of curiosity, who would turn a concert, that was filled with
people, and planning to be a big success into a bunch of "spontaneous
maniacs"? Got me. On September 17th, 1998, Beck had a concert. It was going
well until the band members started banging their instruments everywhere,
on the speakers, the floor, and making a HUGE disaster.
I think that (from 1) this means Beck's concert would involve
many opportunities in the future, but they made the "CHOICE" to throw that
all away. A creation is right. I'm not sure where the childish behavior
would get them, but obviously not far. I don't think I would chose my
future over having "fun", if that's what they think they were doing. They
worked ...

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