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personal narrative

I am a very complicated person. Or is that weird? Unusual? Maybe it's eccentric, I really don't know. I think the best word to describe myself is unique. But then again, everyone is unique in their own way, but isn't that exactly what unique means? Doing things different than everyone else?. being yourself, and completely unlike the rest of the world. See now I?m babbling, I have a tendency to do that when I get nervous. Now I?m thinking, why am I writing that I?m nervous? Why should I be nervous? This is just some silly little personal narrative that I have to do for some not so silly little high school English class. But it's more than that. It is the beginning of things I can't even fathom. It's the window into the first major writing assignment of my junior year; it is the porthole into my inner being. Have you ever seen ?Being John Malkovich?? Well, I haven't but I?m pretty sure it's something about John Cusack finding a hidden door in his office or something that when walked through transports you into John Malkovich's head. Well, this paper is that door and I am John Malkovich. And that scares me. I am really a coward at heart. Or at least, I think I am. It's pretty funny that I see myself that way because if you were to ask one of my friends they would probably tell you that I had pretty big ?cajones.? It is so strange that the way you perceive yourself and the way others see you can be so dissimilar.
I am always afraid to get up in front of the class to speak. It terrifies me. When the moment is rapidly approaching and I know that in approximately 2 minutes I am going to have to get out of my chair, walk to the front of the class and be stared down by my peers, my heart starts to pound in my chest. Tension sets in. The sweat starts to trickle down from my brow and my voice begins to shake. My name is called; the Moment of Reckoning is upon me. Every thought in my head dissipates as I take position at the podium, or what have you, and then the strangest thing happens. I?m perfectly fine. And I wasted a good worry for no reason. Once I got going, there was no stopping me.
Did I mention what a huge dork I am? I don't think so. But trust me; I get the gold medal here. I can sit and play FreeCell for hours on end. I have every single episode of Dawson's Creek on tape. If ever a sesame seed should grace my food with it's presence, I must scrape it off or else it won't pass my lips. The person, with whom I have the most inside jokes than any one else in the world, is my mom. I?ve still got blue bows all over my walls leftover from my childhood. Ever since I was 9, I?ve collected Archie books, and my collection holds over 300 Digests (not to mention around 20 of the traditional comic book style). I am terribly upset that Young Americans ended. I am so in love with the Matrix, I have Matrix Code running as my screen saver. When I decide I love a band, I have to have all of their CD's even if never listen to them, just to have them. I am less experienced in 'the ways of the world? than any one I know, even more so than the girl my friends and I dubbed, ?Most Likely to Die a Virgin.? Although I can't say I?ve never looked around a room searching for someone more ?losery? than I am, just to make myself feel better. Does that make me even geekier?
My life revolves around what's on TV that night. I actually have a schedule. Mondays I 'space out? during sci-fi time at ?Roswell? at 9 on the WB. On Tuesdays I travel back in time to ?That 70's Show? at 8 on FOX. Wednesdays I hang on the ?Creek? with the rest of the gang at 8 on the WB. On Thursdays, it's Must See TV with all my ?Friends? and ?Will & Grace? at NBC. And on Fridays, I trip over to ?Grosse Point? at 8:30 on the WB. ...

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