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Persian Influences

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Persian Influences

Persia, now known as Iran, has a wide array of legacies and culture that influenced the contemporary world of civilization. Arts and architecture are the most notable heritage of Persia. They are known for their exquisite miniatures of magnificent architectures. Persia, however, is best recognized these days for their ornate carpets (Persian Paintings, 2000).

A unified style of architecture begun in Persia during the Achaemenid Dynasty. Structures were decorated with gold, silver, and bronze, combining the Babylonian and Assyrian styles. An example of this was the Persepolis.

During the Sassanian Dynasty, on the other hand, people were producing their crafts such as jewelries and metalworks made in gold, silver, bronze, and ceramics. It was also the period when silk was introduced. Architectures in this dynasty ...

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