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People Are Victims Of A Greater Force: The Environment

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People would like to believe they can accomplish everything they want in
life. In reality, it is just a positive way of thinking. It would be nice to
believe that a person could do anything if he puts his mind to it, this way of
thinking is not reality. People are victims of greater forces. The force is
not a force of God or magic. The force are our environment, our Biological
instinct, and our inheritied characteritics. This philosophy is called
naturalism and it is used in O'neil's play "Beyond the Horizon". The phliophy
of naturalism has its merit and affect real people everyday. Naturalism affects
the way people live and the lives they affect.

One of the major factors of a persons life is his environment. A
persons surroundings affects how they live, how they think, and how he sees his
own life. Sure America is the ...

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