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People Accused Of Violent Crimes Should Not Be Allowed To Post Bail

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Legal Issues

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remain out of jail while their trial is pending. There are many reasons to why
I strongly agree with this statement. Many factors are unknown to the public
without conducting some sort of extensive research. Whether it is simply
reading in the paper about pending trials, or as complicated as researching
previous trials. Bail is decided by a judge, and their lives are devoted to
handling these types of decisions. There are three solid reasons to why I feel
it is necessary to deny bail to those accused of violent crimes. One is that
all conditions for release are decided by a judge who is fully aware of the
circumstances. Another is that these defendants, since being arrested, should
be considered a threat to public safety. My last, and final, reason is that my
rationale strongly agrees with denial of bail to the accused.
In Nebraska, as written in the Statutes of Nebraska, bail is granted
after a judge takes into account the nature and circumstances of the offense
charged. This judge looks at the defendants family ties, employment, financial
resources, character and mentality, having resided in the community, conviction
records, and record of court appearances or of flight to avoid prosecution or
failure to appear. A judge, when deciding if bail is to be granted, does not
just flip a coin to decide. He or she looks at all aspects of the situation.
It all rests in the judge's hands. When a judge looks at a person accused of a
violent crime, such as murder, a few things are liable to pop into perspective.
One would be to how violent and detrimental the accusations are. Any rational
thinking person would realize that if arrested, they are in suspicion.
Therefore, a state appointed judge is also going to realize that this person
must be a threat, especially if accused of a violent crime. It does not violate
the accused rights, because once under arrest, their rights are strictly defined
as what the judge's final decision is.
This leads me to my next point, that these accused people are a threat.

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