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Peer Pressure Around Us

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In all of society it is hard to stay away from the pressure of peer pressure. I think we all go through a period of peer pressure which affects our life in a major way. By looking at friends, family, and school I will show that peer pressure is a major part of our everyday life.
In life friends are a major part of our decision and thoughts. When you are growing up you always feel like you are a little different from your friends. When you see your friends doing certain things that you don't do, you feel and or want to be doing the same things. Friends will always try to get you to do things that they are doing even if its wrong. An example of this is when a certain group of your friends smoke or drink and then try to pressure you into joining them. Considering that a fair amount of our decisions are based on what the rest of society thinks, peer and social pressure are important to all our decisions.
We base the majority of our decisions on the influence our family have on us. ...

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