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Paramilitary And Survivalist Groups

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There are many different forms of militias and paramilitary groups,
whose membership and ideology often vary from, place to place. However, what
most have in common, is their hatred for the federal government. In recent
years, there have been far too many violent acts done by these militias,
seeking to prove their points to the government, and the public at large. They
have threatened to blow up power plants, government buildings, even the Hoover
Dam. They hold many military exercises and are frequently in the news. There
are many different things that support growth of these groups. Some of them
have proved themselves to be extremely dangerous, such as when Timothy McVeigh
bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building, causing a mass catastrophe which
killed 169 people, and severely injured many others. Some of these groups
claim to be able to justify racism, hate, and even murder. Consequently, many
questions are raised for the safety of the public.

Militias and paramilitary groups vary in philosophy based on their
geographic locations. In the East and North East, these groups are usually not
racist. Militia and paramilitary groups in this area tend to believe in non-
entity United Nations "conspiracies" and "take-overs", and they are strong
defenders of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They usually tend
to be non-violent, except in some cases, when they are protesting laws that
"lessen the strength" of the Second Amendment. Thus these groups are not as
racist, but more intolerant of gun-laws. In the mid-western area, there are
great numbers of militias and paramilitary groups who feel very strongly about
"anti-Christian" laws, or capital issues like abortion. Groups in this area
are anti-abortionists, and have right-winged beliefs surrounding similar major
issues. They do not feel as strongly about gun-control, in contrast to the
beliefs of the Eastern-area militias. In the western area, the militia and
paramilitary groups concentrate their efforts on "protecting" their so-called
"Christian" beliefs which, are "derived" from the Bible, and seem to almost
justify racism. militias in this particular area, especially in the
Montana/Idaho region, tend to be very well armed, because of less strict gun-
laws and because of lower populations. As a result of lower populations, their
are less street crime, which is the primary reason for gun-laws. The
paramilitary and militia groups in this area also concentrate their efforts on
expressing their outrage and resentment for the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents.
Consequently, they are probably the most dangerous groups, as they not only
have a great number of weapons at their disposal, but also have a tangible
reason to be angry at the federal government (Junas 1-7). Militias in the
South are usually very racist, and unlike the groups in the North, they are not
very tolerant of minorities or blacks in particular. Groups in this area,
like the Ku Klux Klan, burn crosses in front of blacks homes, and go out of
their way to make life miserable for them. In conclusion, most members of
paramilitary groups and militias in the South are white, and extremely racist
(Doe, Interview). Since the ideals of militias and paramilitary groups are so
diverse based on the groups locations, the only thing they really have in
common, is that they hate the federal government.

In addition to geography, there are other ...

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There are many different forms of militias and paramilitary groups, whose membership and ideology often vary from, place to place. However, what most have in common, is their hatred for the federal government. In recent years, there have been far too many violent acts done by these militias, seeking to prove their points to the government, and th...

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