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Overpopulation 2

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Overpopulation 2

There are 6 billion human beings on the face of the Earth. According to our best estimates, there are somewhere between three and seven times more people than this planet can possibly maintain over a long period of time. Non-renewable resources are being used at an incredible rate, and we are destroying the capability of the planetary ecosystem to renew the supply of renewable resources. The worse however is yet to come. We need to realize the necessity of a population plan which will make our future more optimistic. This plan must be based on the fact that the control of the rapid population growth is necessary globally; otherwise, earth's environment will be put into greater danger, the overexploitation of natural resources will continue and poverty will rise in most of the world's countries.

Rapid population growth is a huge threat to the environment. We consume

materials and energy from earth and then return heat and wastes to earth, but the environment can only handle so much waste before serious effects on humans are seen.

As human numbers increase, deterioration of water quality and destruction

of animal and plant communities increase too. The serious effects of population

growth apply even on the protected locations of this planet. Rapid expansion of

human numbers also causes overexploitation of natural resources and provides

pressure on food supplies. As a result it will not be long until we observe a

remarkable decline in our living standards. Land, forest and water are some the vital resources that are threatened by enlargement of population density.

Because population growth has expanded greatly over the last 500 years, as larger numbers of people needed more food supplies and commodities from natural

resources and agricultural activities, more and ...

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