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Over Population

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Over Population

Over Population

The world's population is approximately 5.9 billion,

and it is still growing. It has just about doubled in the

past forty years. We are now faced with the issue of over

population. The problem is very severe, and important. It

is controversial how many people this planet can hold. Some

are arguing that we have plenty of room, and we could fit

everyone on the state of Alaska, if we just put 10,000

people on each square mile. Alaska only makes up about one

percent of the earth's land mass. Other people argue that

we need land to grow and supply all the resources we need,

and we do not have enough for everybody. Either way the

issue is looked at though, many people are being deprived of

food, shelter and clothing because of the excess of people.

Many countries are reducing their population by

family planning. Family planning tries to promote the idea

of using some sort of birth control such as condoms, the

pill, sterilization, IUDs, or some other method. Over the

past three decades, the global percentage of couples using

some form of family planning has increased dramatically. It

has changed from less than 10, to more than 50 percent. The

amount of people who use family planning would increase if

everyone had easy accessibility to it. In some rural areas

of sub-Saharan Africa, it takes an average of two hours to

reach the nearest contraceptive provider. Often, people

cannot even afford some type of birth control. Also, many

governments ban or restrict important methods of

contraception. Japan, for instance, discourages the use of

birth control pills over the condom. Also, 60 countries

require a husband's consent for all forms of birth control.

Even though there are some conflicts with it, I think

family planning seems like the best to solve the world's

over population problem.

China's one child policy is generally denounced by a

majority of world nations. Many countries feel that it is

not right to restrict the number of children a person can

have. They believe it is a person's freedom to choose how

many kids they want. China hopes for their fertility rate

to be 1 child per woman instead of the 1.85 rate they

currently have. Even though China's policy is very

controversial, China thinks this is what they need to do in

order for their population growth to drop.

Also, China and many other countries are trying to

delay childbearing. They figure, to do this they must first

postpone the age of marriage. In Bangladesh, for example,

the average age of first marriage among woman went from

about 14.4 in 1951 to 18 in 1989. The age at first birth

followed the delay of the marriage. In developing

countries, according to the Population Council's Bongaarts,

an average 2.5 year delay in the age when a woman bears her

first child would reduce population growth by over 10

percent. This is also an effective way to slow population

rates down.

There is a great need for countries to attempt to

limit expanding populations. Many people are poor, and

starving because of severe over population problems.

Disease spreads through over populated areas, and

malnutrition is a major factor in these areas. With the

population so high, resources are running low, and there is

not enough for everyone to have everything they need.

Today, 1.3 billion of the world's people are living on the

equivalent of a dollar a day or less. Imagine how many more

would be living on that limited amount ...

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