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Our Way is Not the Only Way

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Our Way is Not the Only Way



The nutrition your child receives from you while you are pregnant and from birth gives him/her the start in life that's needed to grow and to develop through childhood into adulthood. Whichever choice a mother makes in feeding her baby will also determine how healthy the baby is.

Natural or Manmade

Most people would expect no differences in whether a newborn baby is breast-fed naturally by its mother or bottle-fed with formula. In both cases, one should expect a healthy baby. It is possible to give your child adequate nourishment and lots of affection while bottle-feeding or breast-feeding. In either situation, the baby will be the ultimate judge of how much he or she needs. Which ever choice a mother makes in feeding her baby will also determine how healthy the baby is, the kind of foods the mother chooses to eat and the time she has for herself and her family. Both offer many differences while trying to reach a common goal, the well being of the baby.

The primary benefit of breast milk is nutritional. Human milk contains just the right amount of fatty acids, lactose, water, and amino acids for human digestion, brain development, and growth. Breast-fed babies have fewer illnesses because human milk transfers to the infant a mother's antibodies to disease. Nursing provides an additional immune system boost and may protect your baby from allergies, illnesses, or other conditions later in life. A breast-fed baby's digestive system contains large amounts of beneficial bacteria that prevent the growth of harmful organisms. Human milk straight from the breast is always sterile, never contaminated by polluted water or dirty bottles, which can also lead to diarrhea in the infant.

Sucking at the breast promotes good jaw development as well. It is harder work to get milk out of a breast than a bottle, and the exercise strengthens the jaws and encourages the ...

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