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Otto van bismarck and state so

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Otto van bismarck and state so

Bismarck used the media to his advantage. He used it only when it suited him, and never realized that the implications he were presenting were wrong. When world depression in 1875 hit, and assassination attempts were made on the Kaiser, Bismarck engineered an outpouring loyalty from the nation to the Kaiser ~ anyone who opposed him or the Kaiser was characterized as a traitor, and disloyal. In 1878, an election proved Bismarck's ideologies to be used truly to his advantage. Because emotions ran high during the assassination attempts, Bismarck was able to put together a coalition of conservative deputies that gave him a large majority and put the Reichstag in his ?ultimate plan?. Because of his control on the media, and the way he took advantage of his situations, he was able to put off his masterful plans in the government, without being caught. He was walking a very thin line, and it is this trait that led him to his downfall.

Many times, Bismarck used foreign policy to insure German security. It is especially clear, when we read that history on the three emperors and the dual alliance. Because Germany was in the center of Europe, it had powerful neighbors along its borders. Germany did not want to fight against Russia and France at the same time, and fights two battlefronts could lead to the destruction of Germany. France alone had no immediate threat, but if, by chance, it formed an alliance, Germany would be in grave danger. To prevent this, Bismarck sought out two other countries ~ Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary, to make the three emperor's league. As well, the dual alliance made ...

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