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Operation And Maintenance Of A Fire Extinguisher

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As a Sergeant in my squadron, I was tasked with the additional duty
of Section Safety Officer. This duty consisted of design and implementation
of several different operational and technical safety programs. When I
attended the training academy for this position, I became aware of just how
important a task I was assigned to take on. In one of these training
sessions, which covered the proper storage, inspection and use of a fire
extinguisher. It was evident, that a state of unknowing in reguards to the
proper operation of this piece of safety equipment could make the
difference between life and death. I myself, was guilty of a deficiency in
this area, even with all the training in emergency response that I had
under my belt over the years. The instructor of this particular class,
continually stressed at almost every turn, the importance of each step
required to operate this seemingly simple piece of fire fighting equipment.
The following is a checklist used to insure the proper maintenance,
inspection for serviceability, and procedural operation.of the basic
household fire extinguisher.
I have heard many stories during the years, about people, who with
the best interests at heart, purchase a small fire extinguisher. They take
this new gadget home with them. Remove it from its box, then throw away the
directions for proper use because they think they are above the need to
understand, what is perceived as a pull the pin, aim and shoot safety
device that a monkey could use. More times than not, this attitude will
kill the monkey.

1. Remove the extinguisher from its box or shipping container.
Open up the set of directions enclosed and study the illustrated
diagram that is always incorporated. Knowing the operating parts
will help, not only during operation, but also during inspection
for obvious damage, dents, broken or missing parts.

2. Check the gauge located on the handle of the extinguisher, to
insure that it has the proper charge of chemicals inside. The
gauge is of the pressure type, and is usually color coded, with
red meaning unserviceable, and green indicating proper charge,
or operating pressure. If the indicator reads anything but a full
charge, replace the extinguisher immediately.

3. It is strongly suggested that you mount, or place the
extinguisher in a very visible place within your household. The
more visible it is, the better the chance of you discovering ...

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