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Opening an inground swimming p

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Opening an-inground swimming p

Opening an In-Ground Swimming Pool

Opening your in-ground swimming pool is not as hard as it looks. By following this simple guide, you will look like a professional pool attendant and save money too. Since most pools in the Wisconsin area are closed with a cover for approximately seven months out of the year, you must start by removing the pool cover.

To remove the pool cover, you should drain off any standing water or debris that may have accumulated on the cover over the winter. The easiest way to remove the water is with a small drain pump and a push broom. Both of these items can be purchased at any hardware store. Lay the hose that is attached to the drain pump on the top of the pool cover. Try to place the hose at the lowest point on the cover. This will allow the standing water to flow to the lowest point and be sucked off the cover. Then lay your push broom on the cover and pull it back toward you, dragging any debris with it. After the cover has been cleared of water and debris, you can begin to remove the pool cover. Start at one end of the pool; begin by removing the sandbags that were used to hold down the cover during the winter. Use caution when lifting the sandbags and remember to bend at the knees when lifting the sandbags. Have two people assist you with the pool cover. Have one on each side of the cover so they can pull and fold the cover as you remove the sandbags, working your way to the other end of the pool.

Now that you have the cover removed, you can check the pool's water pump, ...

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