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Online Addiction

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Everyday the Internet is accessed by millions of people from the young to the old. The reasons range from gathering information on a topic, to checking E-mail, to chatting with people from all across the world. The Internet is used in business and in homes. It serves almost any purpose imaginable. The Internet can be used as an information source, a learning tool, even for entertainment purposes. Surfing the Internet is one of the most popular pastimes around the world exceeded, some think only by music. Getting On-line and surfing around even for a couple of hours is common. Normally this is just an occasional thing, but for some it becomes an obsession. These people are addicted to the Internet and have been consumed by its wealth of resources.
Our society has generally praised computers without reservation as an incredible intellectual tool. Only recently have we begun to weed out the hype from the reality and realize that there are unpleasant side effects to computing as well. Webster's Concise Dictionary defines addiction as "a habit so strong that one cannot give it up." We are all aware that people form addictions to many things, from cocaine to gambling. References to alcoholism, "workaholism," even "chocoholism," are commonplace throughout our society. The idea that people can form addictions to computing is a relatively new one, but quickly gaining ground. Take for instance my brother, who was once an "A" student and a model son. He now has to be forced to get off the Internet to do his chores. His schoolwork has gone to the pits and all he really seems to care about is surfing the net. This same addiction has also affected several of my close friends all they do at work is surf the net then they come home and log right in either get into a scheduled chat room or to meet a cyber woman.
There are many dangers associated with this addiction because internet use is clearly a negative addiction when it significantly affects a person's daily life in a negative way. When obsessive Internet use interferes with family, friends, school, or employment, causing financial, relationship, or physical problems, and continuing ...

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