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Oklahoma History

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Oklahoma History

Oklahoma History

In most cases, territories that want to become states are divided out by the Government. In exceptions like Oklahoma territory where the land was auctioned off and sealed bids, land runs gave the land to settlers. The other half was Indian territory, so it wanted to be a separate state. White men wanted both territories that they had the government take the land away from the Indians. The land that was to become Oklahoma was shaped by broken promises, discouraged and displaced person, and people who needed a new start.

Oklahoma was shaped by broken promises. When the Five Civilized Tribes were moved to Oklahoma from the East, the government signed a treaty they "would stay there until the water ran dry. After the Tribes signed with the south in the civil war, the Government took half their land, and put railroad tracks going east and west and north to south down the middle of the territory. When people saw that there were money making opportunities in the Indian's land, they wanted the land. The tribes would not let them drill or dig unless they were part of one of the tribes. The only way they could join one of the tribes was to marry an Indian. A few people did that but a lot of people asked the government to take it away from the Indians. The government, after a few years decided to change the treaty and breakup the Indians. That was a major broken promise to the Indians.

This state was formed by discouraged and displaced people. When the Government freed blacks from slavery, very few blacks knew how to read and write. The ones that knew how, found jobs, but that left around one million black people homeless. With the destruction to the south ...

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