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Oedipus, antogone, and media

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Oedipus, antogone, and media


?All those who were meant to die have died: those who believed one thing, those who believed the contrary thing, and even those who believed nothing at all, yet were caught up in the web without knowing why.? This particular quote by Jean Anouilh, author of Antigone, helped me choose fate, one of the more interesting underlining themes in all three plays: Oedipus the King, Antigone, and Medea, as the topic for my paper. No matter how hard the protagonists or antagonists in each play tried to change the fate of the protagonists, they failed and fate took over the chain of events. When humans try to change that which is beyond their control, they often fail and make the matters even worse than before as expressed by the authors of the three plays.

When Oedipus was born to Laius and Jocasta, their happiness was interrupted by a horrible prophecy: Oedipus will kill Laius and marry Jocasta when he grows up. The mood in Thebes changed from joyous to somber for the king chose to have his own son killed so that he could remain alive. Considering the situation from Laius? point of view, it is not difficult to understand his actions but the mere fact that he tried to challenge fate causes his actions to seem ironic and cynical. By tinkering with fate, Laius caused the death of Jocasta, and Oedipus? blindness and banishment in addition to the events caused by fate. In Antigone, Anouilh portrayed Creon in a similar way as Sophocles portrayed Laius. They both contributed more damage than benefit to the protagonists and their families with their ?noble intentions.?

When Antigone violated the law created by Creon and ...

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