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Nuclear Weapons: Other Options

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Nuclear weapons, is one of today's most talked about issue. The
United States alone has enough missiles to destroy Earth a few times over.
Americans, then should not waste their money on taxes for building more
weapons! There are other issues America must be concerned with. Why not
stop the building of weapons and use the money for other needed causes?
Today, over forty percent of America's national budget is used for our
already large nuclear arsenal, but less than one percent is allocated for
the homeless and other vital causes. For example, the money could be used
for helping the homeless, working towards a drug-free America, and easing
the trade deficit.

The money could be put to use to ease housing costs, making houses
affordable for homeless people. More houses could be built and old ones
renovated or replaced. Old boarded-up buildings could be torn down and new
apartments would take its place. Empty lots can be transformed in to
affordable and clean rooms. Thus, more houses lowers the costs to buy one
which, in turn, allows more people to move in off the streets. If home
cannot be built, existing shelters could use food and medical aid. Shelters
for the homeless are in bad shape and need the extra money to clean up the

Many people talk about a drug-free America, including Georg Bush.
Although he wants drug trafficking to stop, he does not allocate enough

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