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Nuclear Weapons And Their Hazards

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The modern world is threaten by atomic bombs, chemical weapons, and
other nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapon is the number one problem facing
the world today. We have not been able to get nuclear weapons under
control yet but we all know that our world will be totally destroy. Since
the development of nuclear energy, the outcome of human civilization was
very slim. It was intended for a good cause, when a Germany-Jew split the
atom and found energy, but instead it was used for destroying the next
country. The effect on the modern world in devastating. More recent atomic
weapons are the ICBM missile. These missiles have multiple warheads that
can destroy the entire world in less then 35 minutes.

Nuclear war would produced so much smoke that rapid, substantial
temperature and rainfall decreases would occur over wide areas of the
middle Northern Hemisphere. Smaller temperature decreases might occur in
low latitudes but more importantly in these regions rainfall would probably
decreases because monsoons could not develop. Like in On The Beach, all
the radiation move towards Australia and everyone innocent people died.

A large-scale nuclear war would lessen food production over large
expanses in the Northern Hemisphere, this could occur through acute
climatic conditions which chilling or freezing temperatures occurring for
brief periods during the growing season which could destroy crops or lower
production. As result of the variety of potential physical and societal
disruptions to agriculture from a large-scale nuclear war, agriculture in
the Northern Hemisphere could be shut down or significantly reduced for the
first growing season after war and maybe several growing seasons. Only the
major grain-producing countries such as United States, Canada, and
Australia had enough stored food to keep their populations alive if they
lost the crops from a full growing season. For countries and thus for most
of the people on earth, the food would run out in a matter of a few months
if there were no agricultural production for just one growing season. The
majority of the earth's human population is vulnerable to starvation
following a large-scale nuclear war. As the radiation affect the human,
the skin melts on direct contact, buildings collapse, bodies everywhere,
pile up everywhere. When we ...

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