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No One Can Prepare Themselves For A Sudden Death

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There are few things in life that are harder to explain to a child
then death. Too frequently this task falls on a family member already
struggling with their own grief.
Nobody likes imagining dealing with a death of a loved one.
Unfortunately the odds are high that some point you will face this
situation. This may result to the death of a parent, friend, spouse, or
even a child. You may be responsible for handling the matters and grief.
When a friend, pet, or relative dies, it's important to let the
child know what has happened so they do not blame themselves and feel this
person died because of them. Kids may also grief by misbehaving or
becoming withdrawn. A child may need professional help if grieving begins
to effect several areas of life, such as schoolwork, family, friendship,
health or recreation.
Experts say parents can best help a child though the grieving
process by waiting until the child is ready to talk about the loss.
Children can often pick of visual clues from they parents.

*** Stages of grief .***

Young children may not see death as 'real." This is conformed by
cartoon characters who 'die' and 'come back to life' again. Children ages
five and under may be filled with questions about what death is, how it
happens, and why it happens. These questions are part of a young child's
grieving process.
The questions of whether a young child should be allowed to attend
the funeral and what he should or shouldn't see- has ...

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