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Nervous system

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Nervous system

Nervous System

The two major subdivisions of the nervous system are the

central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

The CNS consists of the brain and the spinal cord, it's

responsible for integrating, processing, and coordinating

sensory data and motor commands. The CNS integrates balance

and limb position and coordinates your recovery by

commanding the appropriate skeletal muscles. The CNS is

also the seat of higher learning, performing functions as

intelligence, memory, learning, and emotion.

The PNS includes all the neural tissue outside the CNS. The

PNS carries motor commands to the peripheral tissues and

systems. Nerve fibers called axons carry sensory

information and motor commands in the PNS.

Sketch and label the structure of a typical neuron and

describe the function of each.

* The soma, consists of the cell body of a neuron

which further contains the nucleus.

* Glial cells interact with neurons and regulate the

extracellular environment, protect against

pathogens and repair damaged neural tissue.

* Axons are-capable of propagating nerve impulses.

* Dendrites respond to specific stimuli in the

extracellular environment.

* Synapse terminals communicate information from the

presynaptic cell to the posisynaptic cell.

Structural Classification

*Anaxonic neurons- have multiple processes and the axon is

indistinguishable from the

from the dendrites. They're fairly small.

*Bipolar neurons- have two processes in which one is a

dendrite, and the other an axon.

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