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Nature vs Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture; The Great Debate
One of the most controversial debates of modern society is the idea that our ?natures? and how we are nurtured are in conflict with each other to determine what defines who we are. When one attempts to define sex and gender, he/she often finds him/herself stumped as to what the definitions are. More so, one is puzzled by where the came from. How do nature and nurture influence the definitions of sex and gender? To understand how nature and nurture affect these definitions, we must first know what they are. Sex is biological while gender is socially constructed. Genes produce sex. It exists in itself, and is sublimely indifferent to what humans think of it. Gender is the meanings that society assigns to sex. Richard Mulcaster wrote the words, ?Nature makes the boy toward, nurture sees him forward.? Even though nature plays a role in defining sex and gender, nurture plays the greater part in helping society define the two terms.
Definitions come from that which is learned, not that which is part of our genetic system. John Locke believed that all people were born with a blank slate (a tabula rasa.) Him and other Empiricists thought that experiences were written into the mind and that every aspect of human behavior is acquired from the environment that surrounds them. Take for example the story which Susan Baxter tells in her article ?The Last Word on Gender Differences? of the boy who was castrated at birth and raised as a girl.
?Amazingly, this boy had an identical twin brother, which made it possible to compare two genetically identical individuals raised as a boy and a girl? our hero became the perfect little girl, the very picture of adorable femininity.? (Baxter 52)
This boy was clearly raised as a girl and he grew up thinking of himself as a girl. He was not born as a female and he did not have a predetermined image of himself as one. This boy grew up as a girl because throughout his life he was told that he was a girl and he was taught to be feminine. His twin brother who had the exact genetic make up grew up as a boy because he was treated like one. Since the mind is born with a tabula rasa, the person will learn from what others teach him and from experience. The boy was taught that he was a girl so hem came to believe it, just as we are taught the definitions of sex and gender by our parents, peers, teachers, etc.
Because gender is a socially constructed ideal it must be taught to us and not innate. It seems pointless for one to argue that the definition of sex comes from what nature gave us. The definition is clearly related to the dimorphism in humans. Gender on the other hand is taught to one. In society we have preconceived ideas of what males and females should act like. This is what gender basically is. To take an example from the current world; in countries like Pakistan men are clearly more dominant than ...

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