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Natural forces

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Natural forces

Natural Forces

A natural force is a power brought on by nature. Natural forces, unlike those of other powers, are uncontrollable. When a hurricane passes along the coast, a bolt of lightning strikes a rooftop, and a volcano erupts, these are all examples of natural forces. Natural forces can have devastating effects on wildlife, humans, and the earth itself. Our effects to resist these occurrences, our only way to cope with such devastating forces of nature are to observe, learn, and prepare ourselves for the worst. I believe that almost everyone has had at least one experience with natural forces. My experience of a tremendous force of nature occurred when my mother and I were in a car and all of a sudden a twister passed through the town.

Towards the end of 1989, my family and I were on vacation in Fort Myers, Florida. We drove from Trenton, New Jersey all the way to Florida where my grandfather lived. It was a long trip to undergo, especially being six years old and knowing that my father never stopped the car. By the time we arrived at Fort Myers, it was a beautiful sunny day. The wind was gusting enough to pull my hair back, and I was admiring the palm trees, coconuts, and lizards near the Gulf of Mexico. The first few days were nice, but little did I know that I would soon be caught in the middle of a twister.

I can clearly remember being in the car on a humid day with a little overcast. We were driving in the car when all of a sudden the wind started to pick up and it started raining a bit. Within five minutes, the weather progressed and there was so much wind blowing around the car that we could no longer hear the radio. I can remember when I saw a stop sign spinning in circles like a ?merry-go-round? with electrical problems. ...

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