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Myths About South Africa

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"Africa is (dangerous) wildlife", and the most compelling reason to travel to Africa is to see the wildlife. Most wildlife is not dangerous. More importantly, Africa is more than wildlife. Wildlife constitutes a very small part of Africa and only a very small portion of Africa contains wildlife. Africa is about people and culture: people with a long history, a multiplicity of complex cultures with sophisticated governmental structures, elaborate artistic expressions, diverse religions, ontology and colorful traditions. The land itself contains everything from modern cities with the latest in telecommunications to highly efficient, low consumption, small scale, sustainable rural communities.
A related set of myths is "Kenya is Africa," "Africa is Kenya," "Kenya is wildlife," and "Wildlife is Kenya." Recently South Africa has been being substituted for Kenya. Kenya and South Africa are only two of more than fifty countries in Africa. Each country on the continent has its own political, economic, social and physical profile. Kenya and South Africa are not the only noteworthy destination in Africa.
Another associated myth/behavior here is going to "Africa" to ...

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