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My Job At HomeBase Of North Hollywood

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The day was as sunny, light and warm as my mood was on August the third of ninety six. I was going to a job interview! Not only I was going to this significant meeting, but also this particular job was going to be my first job in United States of America. It was the second best building-material warehouse in the area - HomeBase of North Hollywood. Even though it was a warehouse, I still had my strong hopes to like the job and the surroundings. Moreover, I thought of the reasons why I wanted to work at this specific business.
The urge to learn more new and diversified skills was one of the most reasons why I chose working at this particular job. My job title progressed from a cashier up to a phone operator, then to a credit card representative, and finally, to a vault person. I learned how to handle my money with responsibility and accuracy. In addition, I acquired great phone communicational skills and gained confidence in my voice and my actions. By being a credit card representative, I found out how to process an application and deliver the response to a customer within three minutes. Working in the safe was one of the most accountable and trustful positions in the warehouse. I mastered how to operate the safe machine, count ...

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